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Biography of artist Gene Haynes

Gene HaynesMy head 1999

Gene Haynes 1984
Gene Haynes 1984: Contractor Gene
Before arthritis; with hair.

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Born Dec 1950. Started drawing in grade school. Parents hated my work. They felt art was bad choice. Art has been a career of sorts that allowed me to explore the world.
Attended University High School, Bloomington Indiana, class of '68
Moved to new Jersey summer 67. Graduated Chatham Twp HS with average level of underachievement.

Personal summary: Every skill you develop is important so never throw away your work and always work for your dream.
I threw away work and burned more due to bouts of disappointment.
I hope you come to see periods of self-doubt as opportunity for learning instead of imperative truth.
Find a way to move forward and enjoy what you do.
My hands are limited from arthritis, but I began using older pieces of art to make new images with photoshop. 60+ and still going forward.

Formal art training:
Attended a summer art class in high school and quit.
Elected to take jewelry-making class in high school and was thrown out.
Worked on my own starting in 1973.
In late 1990's, attended 3 painting classes at Glassell Art School in Houston [actually took beginning painting class from now world-famous Julie Mehretu <> my only brush with greatness].

Learned that art is a free-wheeling world of self-promotion and harsh peer-review.
Saw that only the best inspire others and lift people into the future.

Learned I would never be a professional artist, yet discovered that my body of work is important.

Overview: Lived for many years in Bloomington, Indiana
Attended Indiana University. Received degree in marketing in 1984.
Greatest time was riding a bicycle from Tampa to New Orleans in March 1979 and camping out along the way. Worked as a house painter and handyman.
Finally settled in Texas in 1984 and built a house in 1987.
Resumed working seriously on art in 1994.
Retired from house painting in 2001.
Fought rheumatoid arthritis beginning 1985. Disability from arthritis starting in 2001.
Began working with Photoshop Elements in 2003.
Began writing crude web code in 2009.
Used web code and Photoshop skills to produce art-post.net and waterheatertimer.org web pages.
Black Gene
Colored pencil on paper 1976

More colored pencil
Page 14
Page 15
Page 1
Termite Gene
The last thing those termites saw.
Without photoshop

Page 8
Page 25
Holly HaynesMarried Gene
Why does she love me?
It's a miracle.

Gene and Holly Haynes   Photoshop Gene taken 1984, revised Oct 2011
The destruction of cultureBicycle Gene
100,000 miles and 2 knee replacements, and I'd do it over again if I were young.

Colored pencil on paper 2001
I retired in 2001 with disability, and suddenly had time to draw for several months.
More work from 2001
Bicycles page 22

Age progression: Vandal         -        Hooligan                 -              Wedding                 -           Contractor               -                 Idiot
Yes, I meant to egg your car. You were the guy who swerved at me when I was on a bicycle.
Urban Gene
Art Gene
This art was burned. 1999

House paint on masonite, framed with pre-cut 2x4's

Art Frustration
Colored pencil on paper
Put your best face forward

Larger image
Artist Gene
Working in the shop
Always the stylish dresser, I painted houses for a living.
Had a few employees.
Despite vocational painting, paint didn't make sense for art.
My medium was pencil/ colored pencil on paper.

Pencil on page 5

Larger image
Arthritis Gene
Oil pastel on paper
Arthritis has been central to my life since 1985
arthritis hand
Oil pastel on paper
Arthritis hand
Larger image
Twisted hand
Arthritis progression halted with new medicines 2001
Hopefully this technology will be lost when the drug becomes generic
Geno University
Larger image
Geno University
Photoshop collage using art
Beer on the Caymond Islands
Photoshop version 2011
Page 7
Drink American Beer
How to make a still/ book
Beer books at Amazon

Original work: Marker on cardboard June 2007

Inspiration for my art

Shirley Haynes
My Mom who carefully raised us
Andi Haynes
My sister who defies description
My brother
My older brother who was good cross country runner and has many friends

My younger brother who 'tells it like it is.'

My father who berated me into becoming the success I am today.
Oil stick/ oil pastel on cardboard

The house I built after mom died.
My home embarrassed my father because I used left-over sinks and windows from remodeling business, but he loaned money anyway.
Not sure I thanked him.
Don Haynes
Don Haynes
My father: The reason we had table manners
Morris the cat
Why you don't fight with women.


Jean Pope
My mother-in-law
...who told my wife 'she could do better,' and paid for the wedding.

I like her hair. Really.
Holly Pope and Jean Pope
Jean Pope
Galveston 1997: We were stylish.
Jean pope and bill clinton
Lil' Jean Pope and Bill
Jean Pope
Larger image
Jean Pope
Lil' Jean Pope on alligator
Mom's coffee cup
Mom's coffee cup, clock and wallpaper

Mom sitting on deck 1982 or 1983
Built that deck for her. Hand-nailed 

She died suddenly and quickly in 1985.
Miss her.
She used to have everybody over and make potato salad and hot dogs and jello
We loved it. It was most wonderful times.
And then we'd play a game and watch TV.

Best family story:
Brother refused to pass butter because I didn't say please.
Tug of war over butter tray with stick of soft butter, until tray slipped from brothers hand.
Butter disappeared from tray.
Then somebody saw the butter stuck neatly to the wallpaper.
And whole family laughed.
Mom probably cleaned it up.
Install electric meterWhow.
New electric meter on my water heater.
It ran backwards first few days, and my wife was laughing.
But, running backwards proved we were saving money.
Water heater timer page
Art from water heater timer

Wireless remote control water heater timer that shows water temperature, and tracks electric usage
Aqua Smart
solar recirculation system

My main website

Still working on waterheatertimer.org each day
Answering emails for folks, and writing content
Affiliated with Amazon.com

More to do ... if content could just write itself as fast as the mind can think up a topic... delay timers, arduino, solar, solar PV, energy standards, condensing water heater, thermostats, hybrid review, z-wave, wifi,  DC power, DC water heater, safety standards, 3U element conversion, DIY for every topic imaginable... etc etc
cartoonDec 3
Started new series of cartoons
Intention to put a cartoon on each waterheatertimer.org page
Objective to increase website traffic.
Assume if traffic increases 30% then sales might increase 20% or more

6 cartoons in 2 days.> 4 are fairly good. > 2 maybe not entertaining
Just 350+ more cartoons to go, lol
Too ambitious
Cartoon series

Invented DC water heater/ collaboration with solar expert
Tax time

First time in 64 years... I need glasses?

Still alive Aug 2015
Oh to be young again... just to repeat all the same mistakes over again
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